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Subscribe to a feed to be regularly notified about updates that have been made to a web page or section.

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Feeds let you track updates to a website or web page that you are interested in without having to regularly check the website. Feeds are also called RSS - Really Simple Syndication - or Atom feeds.

By subscribing to one or more of the news feeds above, you will be regularly sent a list of links to updates that have been made to that web page or section

Web feed readers

To subscribe to a Feed, you first need a web feed reader. Work out if you already have a web feed reader by clicking on one of the feed links above - if you don't have a reader built into your web browser you will see a page of XML (Extensible Markup Language) code.

There are many different feed readers to chose from, most of them free. Many browsers come with a reader built in (eg, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari). You can download a reader, or use a web-based one.

For more on feed readers, you can search the internet for “RSS reader”, “RSS news aggregator” or “Atom standard reader”.

To add the feed to your chosen web feed reader you will need to copy and paste the url of the XML page into your reader.

The format for feeds can vary, but this website uses the Atom XML standard. To find out more on RSS feeds go to Wikipedia.

More information

How to subscribe to and use RSS feeds using news reader software can be found on the BBC news website.