The NHC is an independent statutory body charged with prioritising new and existing health technologies and making recommendations to the Minister of Health.

The New Zealand Government has asked that all new diagnostic and treatment (non-pharmaceutical) services, and significant expansions of existing services, are to be referred to the NHC.

The Committee also provides advice on what technologies are obsolete or no longer providing value for money for New Zealanders.

Latest news

  • 25 August 2015

    Each year the NHC’s referral process identifies potential assessments of interventions or technologies to supplement the current work programme.  The NHC received 17 referrals from the New Zealand health sector for potential assessments.

  • 30 June 2015

    Consultation on the Tier 2 AMD assessment was undertaken in March and April 2015. The Committee considered the submissions at its May meeting. Consideration of the valuable feedback from stakeholders has resulted in further more detailed Tier 3 analysis being undertaken for three components of the end to end model of care for AMD. These include further analysis on the use of anti-VEGF agents as well as prevention, early detection and risk stratification tools, and low vision rehabilitation.